What is Satchel One Plus?

Wrapped into Satchel One Plus packages, these features will be made available to parents through monthly subscriptions. Once enabled they will be activated for all associated student accounts.

What features are you going to offer?

  • Parents will be able to tick off their child’s to-do items and support them in getting work done
  • Parents will be able to select custom colours, so they can personalise the app to suit their taste.
  • Parents will get extra storage so they can keep all their child’s files and work safe online

What made you decide to develop Satchel One Plus features?

We have a vocal parent community that heavily relies on our app. The most popular feature requests from our parent users do not coincide with our product priorities for schools. To make sure that we can support parent needs, we have developed the most popular feature requests based off the feedback we collected.

Does this change your existing mobile app offering?

Absolutely not. All existing features and bolt on apps your school has subscribed to will still be available to parents. We’re simply offering additional features for the comfort of parents, but this will not impact their child’s education.

How will these Satchel One Plus features work?

These features will be offered as part of paid for plans that parents can subscribe to from our app. These plans will be charged to their App store/Google Play accounts on a monthly basis.

How do parents subscribe?

Parents will be able to subscribe directly through the app, through a dedicated Satchel One Plus screen which will provide more detail about the benefits of the features so they are able to make an informed decision.

Are you going to offer free trials?

Yes, parents will be able to try out any of our Satchel One Plus packages for free for 7 consecutive days.

Can parents cancel their subscription?

Of course. Parents can cancel their subscription to Satchel One Plus packages at any point from the App store/Google Play. Effectively cancelling a subscription means that parents will receive their subscription content for the remainder of the current billing period, regardless of the cancellation date. The cancellation will go into effect after the current billing period has passed.

For further details parents should carefully review their respective store policy.



Can parents pause their subscription?

At the moment pausing a subscription is only available on Google Play, not on the App store. All parents using an Android device will therefore be able to pause their subscription.

What will Satchel One Plus packages look like?

You will find below screenshots below. Please note that these designs are NOT final:

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