All of us at Satchel are committed to following the latest security standards and ensuring GDPR compliance. 

We are also always looking to improve our logging in process and cut down on admin time. Recently we made the following changes that we want to ensure you are aware of. 

New password policy

Secure and GDPR-compliant

New passwords are now required to meet the following criteria:

• Must include at least 10 characters
• Must include a digit, a lower case, uppercase letter and a special character

This affects users who are logging in for the first time and those that request a password reset. Existing users will remain unaffected and will continue to be able to login with their encrypted passwords.

Student logins

Reduce the need of PINs and make it easier for students to recover their accounts 

Send password links to students
A feature that previously only existed for staff, is now available for student accounts too. Whether they are new students or they have forgotten their passwords, a PIN is no longer necessary. Avoid printing login slips and reduce paper waste by sending students a password reset link. 

Coming soon: Bulk-send password links to a large group of students. 

PIN enhancements

  • Parents can now also access their student’s PIN on the mobile app to assist with password recovery
  • Students will be required to enter an email address to ensure they can independently recover their lost password in the future by clicking on Forgot password
  • Students can still choose a username and password for their account to use moving forward.

Improved email management

Cut down the time needed to manage forgotten passwords 

We have released a series of tools to make maintaining and managing emails faster and easier, to enable users to self serve and reduce admin workload.

Warnings for users without emails
On Manage users, admins will be notified about the number of users without emails. You can easily filter for them and populate the missing email addresses.

Bulk email updates
If you don’t store your emails in your MIS or you changed email providers and need to make a large number of changes, you can update emails en masse. You can now download a CSV template and import new emails directly from Manage users.

Single Sign-on integrations

Instant changes at no extra cost

If you are using a Single sign-on at your school, you can update your settings, and enable or disable an integration directly from Admin Settings. 

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