The Comments feature allows teachers to communicate with their students through Satchel One. Both the student and their parents will be able to view the comments you have left for the student but only students can leave comments for you from their student account.

How to leave a comment

Comments can only be left on the homework task itself, so you will need to locate the homework task first. You can locate the task by either searching for it on the Homework calendar or by going to My Classes, and managing the class the homework has been assigned to. 

Once you've selected the homework task, click on the Assess tab and tick the student you wish to leave a comment for. An Add comment button should appear on the right-hand side of the screen, which you can click and then type in the provided comment box.

When you've submitted your comment by clicking Post comment, your student and their parent will be notified of this comment in their account under the notifications button. If they have push notifications enabled on the app, they will be notified by push notification as well.

How to read comments from students

When your student leaves a comment for you, you will see an unread message in your notifications. Click on 🔔Notifications to view all of your messages. When you click on a comment notice, you will be taken to the Assess page where the comment left by your student is displayed. You can reply to the comment by simply adding another comment.

If you have push notifications enabled on the app, you will also be notified of student comments via push notifications. 

Deleting Comments from a Teacher or Student

Students are unable to delete their own comments but teachers can delete any comments. If you wish to delete a comment posted by you or your student, simply click on the bin icon .

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